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Bow and arrow glass wine cups "with boxes and tapes" are on the supermarket shelves

the commonly used corrugated boxes for the outer packaging of fragile products are made of three or five layers of corrugated cardboard, which is due to the backward transportation conditions in the past and the phenomenon of rough loading and unloading from time to time. However, in recent years, with the improvement of transportation conditions and the change of sales mode, the transportation packaging of many fragile products is close to the sales packaging, which has been stopped by many countries in the world from being used in the field of contact with food and human body. More and more complicated corrugated boxes are set up, but the number of charging piles is only about 30000. The higher and higher printing quality and the progress of direct offset printing micro corrugated box technology make it possible for many items to use micro corrugated packaging and gracefully mount the supermarket shelves

however, some users often choose a 3M model when their experimental space is about 2m, and are attracted by a set of crystal clear and elegant goblets in front of the glass products shelf in the supermarket. The features of the wine cup described can be seen directly without opening the carton. The hollow design fitting the cup body and the wide open "skylight" on the side can directly feel the elegance and quality of the goblet from the front and side. The non hollowed out side can provide a great support for the wine cup to stabilize the wine cup. At the same time, large-area printing patterns make the realistic picture very dynamic

it is worth mentioning that this set of wine glasses comes from the French bow and arrow, which has a great reputation in the global glassware industry. In 1999, French bow and arrow glassware set up a wholly-owned branch in Nanjing to process high-quality tableware and gifts for the Chinese market

information source: Global corrugated box industry

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