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In April, 2005, the bp250 brick carton aseptic beverage packaging machine produced by Nanjing Xuansheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was found to meet the keyword from the page index database by the search system program. The bp250 brick carton aseptic beverage packaging machine produced by Nanjing Xuansheng Machinery Co., Ltd. was favored by Taiwanese businessmen. After full comparison and investigation, the businessman formally signed a contract with Nanjing Xuansheng company. Taiwan will have a sterile packaging machine produced in the mainland for the first time

the aseptic packaging technology of brick cartons is a high-tech technology in today's beverage filling technology. This technology has been controlled by a few countries in the world for a long time. China mainly relies on importing aseptic packaging machines from abroad. In order to break through the monopoly of foreign countries, Nanjing Xuansheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a new generation of aseptic brick carton beverage packaging machine with a filling speed of 2500 ~ 2800 boxes/hour, which is suitable for China's national conditions, based on the aseptic packaging technology of Germany and the United States and in combination with its own design experience of beverage filling machine in recent 20 years

the main features of the machine are: the composite materials are made of hydrogen peroxide spray, high-intensity ultraviolet radiation and sterile hot air drying, the forming of the packaging box and the material quality problems: the filling and sealing of materials with different compressive strength in different industries are completed in a sterile room with positive pressure conditions, so as to ensure the sterility of the packaging materials and equipment, The shelf life of the packaged juice beverage after UHT sterilization is up to one year at room temperature. In addition, the PLC, photoelectric, pneumatic, solenoid valve and vacuum system of the machine are actively promoting the use of famous brands in Germany, Japan and other countries in product trial production system, liquid level control and sterile room. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and convenient operation

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