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Boxy China continues to provide high-quality services through the Avaya remote family seating scheme

at the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the returnees return to their jobs step by step, and the large-scale attack of pneumonia virus disrupts this rhythm. From the national level to the general public, they have improved their prevention and vigilance against the epidemic. Enterprises have also responded to the national call and adopted the method of telecommuting at home to reduce the gathering of people, block the spread of the epidemic, and better protect the life safety and health of employees

employees' safety and reliable service are the top priority

bossy home appliances (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "bossy China"), one of the leaders in the global home appliance industry, has always believed that employees are the cornerstone of enterprise success, and has made every effort to ensure their work safety, health management, diversity and work life balance. During the epidemic period, with the assistance of Avaya, Bosch China urgently deployed a remote home agent solution to open up the link and migrate the original customer service system to home and mobile terminals. This remote decentralized office not only reduces the development of the polyc919 large passenger aircraft, adheres to the airworthiness first principle set, ensures the safety of employees, but also provides high-quality and reliable services as always, and protects the interests of users to the greatest extent

launched rapidly in one day, and the remote home agent ensures continuous communication.

Bosch home appliances owns 12 world-famous brands, including Bosch home appliances, Siemens home appliances and gagner. During the epidemic, the customer service system needs to maintain normal and stable operation. However, the contact center is also a human intensive, 7*24-hour service scene, which is an important means of transmission such as droplets and aerosols, posing a threat to the life safety of employees. In order to ensure the lifeline of communication between enterprises and customers, as well as the health of employees, it is undoubtedly a necessary choice to open a family seat for remote service, and ensure that customers' calls can be cruised normally and accepted comfortably. Boxi China made a decision in the face of the epidemic situation and the challenges of China's intensive processing and weak component product foundation

Avaya is responsible for the design, planning, deployment, implementation and later maintenance of the contact center of Boxi China. For this emergency, Boxi China has conducted several rounds of communication with Avaya. After in-depth analysis and discussion, considering the cost and delivery time, Avaya has selected the most suitable remote agent emergency system among several schemes recommended by Avaya, The customer call can be automatically connected to the linkage by the enterprise communication system. In short, no matter what kind of experimental machine seat or home seat, it can ensure the normal completion of the interaction with the customer during the epidemic

fast online and easy to use are urgent needs in special times. With the full cooperation of Avaya project team and partner Shanghai huixun Technology Co., Ltd., it took only one day to complete the deployment and opening of the first batch of seats, and finally completed the online launch of the required family seats, enabling the customer service personnel of Boxi China to complete business acceptance, feedback submission, and Communication and other work needs to ensure continuous customer service links, communication bridges and high-quality services

the remote agent emergency system ensures statistics and compliance supervision will not be affected

avaya assisted in the deployment of the remote agent emergency system, which solves the most critical and urgent needs of Bosch China. The system does not need to rely on the enterprise's basic data network conditions. Various operations and calls such as check-in, idle, busy and sign out of remote home agents are realized through public. Different from the ordinary call transfer mode, the call of the agent in this mode will still be recorded in the workload statistics report of the agent, and the call can be recorded normally to ensure that the statistics and compliance supervision of the contact center will not be affected

in the era of experience as king, the key to the success of an enterprise is service. Boxi China always takes improving the quality of life of consumers as the core goal, and continuously improves the service quality by enabling services with advanced technology. At this unexpected difficult time, the implementation of remote family seats is responsible for the enterprise, employees, customers and society

multi team cooperation to ensure customers' business operation

the fight against the epidemic is also a race against time. The deployment of a set of systems by enterprises is bound to go through research, development, deployment and other links. Time is urgent. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Avaya entered a state of emergency and launched a complete business continuity assurance plan to ensure that it provides all-round support to customers during the extra long Spring Festival holiday. In addition, the pre-sales, APS, direct maintenance and other teams cooperated with each other, actively communicated with customers and partners, identified needs, and completed the design of multiple sets of remote agent emergency systems, isolation ward remote consultation systems and patient visiting systems in advance, so that Avaya's unified communication and contact center technology played a role in the process of preventing epidemics

isolate the virus and keep it. The remote home agent solution provided by Avaya for customers avoids cross infection, effectively ensures the health of employees, and also provides a good customer experience for end users of customer service. In the future, Avaya will continue to provide effective guarantee for the operation of customer contact centers according to the situation of the epidemic. At the same time, we firmly believe that with the efforts of the people all over the country, this epidemic will eventually become a thing of the past. Avaya is also willing to work with all partners to provide customers with uninterrupted high-quality services

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