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Life is not only about staying, and the countryside is not necessarily far away. As long as there is poetry in the heart, home can also become a post station for the soul

living in this bustling and noisy metropolis, is it noisy? Are you tired of the lights and wine outside the window and always longing for the pastoral life adjacent to mountains and rivers? But how can the worldly ties make everyone achieve their wishes? The idyllic dream can only be talked about

in fact, life is not only about staying, and the countryside is not necessarily far away. As long as there is poetry in the heart, home can also become a post station for the soul

home can calm restlessness

in hot summer, it seems that many people are willing to travel to and from summer resort, natural mountains and forests, looking for bridges and water, looking for the trace of faint green, but in fact, concentration can also create a green world

place a few bright bouquets on the balcony, tea table, bedside, and even the kitchen. No matter how impetuous you are, your mood will slowly precipitate, and no matter how fast you breathe, you will slowly calm down

▲ the emperor opens the window horizontally -- seal the balcony, plant several favorite daisies, and water them once a day. Life, in fact, can be very simple

home can cultivate temperament

some people say that people who love traveling are knowledgeable and charming, and people who love reading are also extraordinary. If you can't travel far, read more books. There must be one body and soul on the road

in summer afternoons, you can sit idle in the room, sit at your desk and read books, world famous works, martial arts romance, academic papers, no matter what kind of reading, you will gain

▲ Jane European casement window -- French window, choose a favorite book and be a bookworm in the afternoon. Life, in fact, can be very simple

home can create delicious food

eating delicious food all over the world is the lifelong pursuit of many people, but too many people think that eating all over the world is just a beautiful foam in fantasy, which will never be realized. However, even if it's delicious food, it can't escape the cooking in the kitchen after all

jam pine nuts, flower tea and wine, bread and cakes, old fire soup, whether it's star food or street snacks, every kind of food is a love for a better life

▲ Berlin sliding window - kitchen window. When you have a heart that loves life, food is in the kitchen; Delicious food is at home

home is life

who says that cement and steel bars are not free, who says that high-rise buildings submerge life in summer, and there is a world in their hearts. Even in the world of steel and cement, they can create a secret garden

surrounded by red flowers, green, breeze blowing, flowers and plants dancing Life is never restricted by the environment. The balcony can also become a garden, and the attic can also create a Xintiandi

▲ Milan sliding window -- seal the balcony, quiet and safe, which is the Taoyuan life everyone envies. Life, in fact, can be very simple

home is leisure time

many people are willing to enjoy rural life, not only because they are close to nature, but also because they can't give up their tea tasting, painting, baking and cooking, regardless of the secular leisure time

life is a kind of enjoyment, not a burden. No matter in rural areas or high-rise buildings, you should live your own free and easy life

▲ Milan sliding door -- there is no garden full of roses, there can be a room full of flowers; There is no idle courtyard, there can be a melodious song. As long as there is a sunny heart, there will be a sunny life

home is the quality of life

everyone knows that your good life does not depend on the luxury of decoration, but on your attitude towards your life, which determines your real quality of life

a slovenly and confused person cannot build an excellent home; A person who loves life will constantly explore a better way of life

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