Rumor mill floor heating affects floor height

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Because floor heating is a concealed project laid on the ground, some owners are worried that floor heating will affect the floor height. Does floor heating really have such a great impact on the floor height

in fact, the floor height of commercial housing now is generally not too low, which is about 2.8 meters, and the floor height for floor heating will be reserved. We can see that there will be a small threshold at the entrance of households without floor heating, which is actually reserved by developers for households to install floor heating. Therefore, whether it is floor heating leveling or the occupation of floor height by the whole floor heating system, the majority of users do not have to pay much attention to floor height and cost, which actually has little impact

ceiling, central air conditioning, fresh air, sewer, floor, floor heating, etc. occupy the floor height in decoration. Among them, the floor height occupied by floor heating is at most 5cm, and the insulation board + heat storage layer (including the floor height of the coil), which is basically invisible

that is to say, in fact, the influence of floor heating on the floor height is negligible. The ordinary flat floor itself has a lower ceiling, and it is easier to feel cramped if the space is small

and feel that the floor height is low, mostly because of the visual effect. Plus, without proper decoration, the whole space will appear darker and smaller than it actually is. Rather than care about floor heating, floors, carpets... A tiny height, it is better to change the visual level and change the psychological impact of the height. In fact, there are many different decoration methods, which can not only make your low ceiling appear tall, but also make your small space appear larger

1. Use furniture with low height

furniture closer to the ground can visually create a high feeling of the ceiling and create more space between furniture and the ceiling

2. Long mirrors, or large-area mirrors

because they can reflect light, placing mirrors is a good way to make any space larger. If they are placed vertically, the space can also look higher by attracting the line of sight

3. Raise the curtain

installing the curtain track under the ceiling can heighten your vision, and your subconscious will make you feel that your window has also become higher

4. Make good use of vertical lines to divide space

just like the first two, the existence of vertical lines can make you feel a higher sense of space

5. Reduce the contrast between the ceiling and the wall

paint the wall and the ceiling into one color or the contrast should not be too strong, so that the wall will extend visually

6. Spotlight

if the lamp is hung very low, the ceiling will look lower, so it is a good choice to install the lamp directly into the ceiling, and the reflected light can also help ~

7. Diagonal color block

the use of diagonal color block on the wall can reshape the perspective of the room and help it appear higher

8. Eye catching carpets

carpets with bold colors can focus people's visual focus on the ground, rather than on the ceiling, which can also make the space appear higher

there are so many ways to improve the impact of floor height on human vision. Do you still think the 5cm gap is so difficult to accept? For more consultation related to floor heating, pay attention to the official wechat of camel floor heating: Shengshi Boyang camel floor heating, and the official website: www.loto cn




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