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Isalai Xinyang (incredibly home) store will be grandly opened on June 6. On the day of opening, you can buy curtains and draw gold bars with the lowest discount throughout the year. The manufacturer specially provides best-selling new products, and rush to buy them within a limited time. There are six more good gifts waiting for you to grab

(the second flagship store of isalai in Xinyang, Henan Province is grandly opened)

isalai presents good Chinese curtains. Warmly celebrate the grand opening on June 6 of the second flagship store of isalay home in Xinyang, the top ten Chinese curtain brands and the advertising brand of CCTV3 "Avenue of stars"! Buy curtains and draw gold bars. The lowest discount for the whole year is announced by the manufacturer's boss on the spot! Six good gifts are waiting for you! The manufacturer specially provides best-selling new products, which can be snapped up within a limited time! Only on the opening day! The discount is unprecedented! Buy curtains and draw gold bars, the most favorable opening! Miss no more

a good curtain is isalai! The confidence choice of 6000 families nationwide! Choose isalai, life is more wonderful! On June 6, the opening ceremony of the second flagship store of isalay curtain Xinyang incredibly home is looking forward to your visit

address: 2-028, the second floor of Xinyang incredibly home (isalai curtain life hall)

(the second flagship store of Xinyang isalai, Liuzhong Haoli, etc.)

Foshan isalai textile decoration Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong Province. It integrates product design and development, production and processing, marketing services, and has advanced production equipment and strong production capacity such as textile machines and carving machines originally imported from abroad, And has a sophisticated sales service team and scientific marketing system, while operating the domestic and international markets of comprehensive strength enterprises. At present, the top ten curtain brands isalay has more than 520 franchise stores nationwide, and its retail distribution network has reached more than 3600, covering most cities and counties across the country, serving more than 60million families. It is the curtain fabric chain brand with the most franchise stores and the widest marketing network in China

(Xinyang flagship store buys curtains to win the president's special approval and minimum discount of gold bars)

in the 14 year development process, isalai took the lead in passing the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, and has won the "China's high-quality brand products", "China's top ten fabric brands", "consumer satisfaction unit" and "integrity alliance unit". In 2010, isalai initiated the launch of ecological building materials curtains in the fabric industry, And won the title of "national ecological building materials demonstration enterprise" and "recommended product of ecological green building" in 2011. Choosing isalai means choosing a healthy, environmental friendly and comfortable home environment. The honors of "2012 consumer favorite brand", "brand with the most investment value" and "AAA enterprise with quality service reputation" are the greatest recognition of the environmental protection and strong brand strength and influence of isalay products

(scan the official wechat of isalai to get a good gift)

Henan Xinyang isalai brand curtain franchise store, as a regional franchise store under the national top ten curtain brand "isalai curtain fabric art", has been warmly pursued and respected by the majority of consumers with its high-quality and affordable curtain fabric products and meticulous pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services after entering Xinyang. Xinyang isalai curtain franchise store provides a super first-class curtain supporting scheme for many owners of major local well-known buildings, and meticulously serves every owner friend who has consumer demand! Now, the second flagship store of Xinyang isalai incredibly home will be grandly opened on June 6. Let's look forward to the second bloom of Xinyang isalai

address: 2-028, the second floor of Xinyang incredibly home (isalai curtain life Museum)

China's good fabric isalai design

China's good curtain isalai presents

choose isalai life to be more exciting





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