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Home decoration is a trivial matter, and decoration is linked. If you don't pay attention to any link carelessly, it may bring a lot of inconvenience to your future life. We will give you tips in the four key aspects of decoration, namely, water and electricity, bricklaying, carpentry and lacquering

I. water and electricity

the transformation of kitchen and bathroom water circuits should be carried out on the top surface, horizontally and vertically, and the two pipes intersect and cross the bridge. In this way, in case of quality problems in the later stage, the maintenance and repair of the top surface will be more convenient and the loss will be relatively less than that of the ground

when excavating the wall by water, be sure to brush a waterproof layer to avoid the alkali return of emulsion paint caused by the penetration of condensate in the later stage. Weak current must not go through two wires in one tube, so as to avoid signal interference and trouble of line replacement in the later stage

water dispenser sockets should be considered in the living room and dining room areas. Waterproof sockets should be reserved next to the toilet and above the shower, because electric water heaters may be installed later. A water purifier socket is reserved under the kitchen sink, and a small lamp can be installed where vegetables are cut. It is best to add a small basin next to the washing machine on the balcony. It will be very convenient to wash some small clothes

II. Tilers

use flexible waterproofing for waterproofing. It is recommended to brush a 1.8m high waterproof layer in the bathroom, because the moisture maintained in the bathroom for a long time will cause the adjacent wall to return to alkali. After the waterproof brush is completed, a 24-hour closed water test shall be carried out. After the test is passed, the waterproof protective layer shall be made first, and then the tiling shall be carried out. Because the sand when tiling is easy to scratch the waterproof layer

the floor drain is best placed on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how inclined, the floor drain will not be the lowest point. For the treatment of external corners of wall tiles, 45 degree chamfer is preferred. The holes of range hood and water heater should be punched in advance. Do not use white cement as jointing agent, but choose jointing agent or beautifying agent. Try to put the broken bricks in an invisible place, such as behind the kitchen, wash table, mirror, etc

III. carpentry

for the sake of environmental protection, the owner is not recommended to do carpentry at home. In addition to some mandatory items, for furniture, it is recommended to go to the overall home furnishing store for customization. The ceiling keel should be all light steel keel, and the wood keel will be deformed after long-term use. The ceiling should be made according to the proportion of the floor height of the house, and pay attention to the size between the light steel keels

IV. painters

many owners blindly believe that the more wall putty is done, the better. In fact, this is not the case. If too much putty is made, cracks will appear in the later stage

in fact, putty can only repair small pits on the wall, and large and deep pits should be repaired with cement. The best effect of putty is when it is applied for the second to third times. When the vertical and horizontal error of the building wall is relatively large, the internal and external corners should use anti-collision strips. When there are cracks on the original wall or construction holes, the wall should be treated with cloth or fiber bandages

at present, there are two kinds of emulsion paint processes: spraying and roller coating. The sprayed wall surface will be more uniform, but it will not be too smooth. The wall surface painted by rolling will be relatively smooth, but the surface is uneven





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