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Sing as you like and imagine your dream. If you have a dream, you should be brave to chase it. Cross the horizontal ditches and reach the end of your dream. Everyone with a dream should not let his dream die out in the dark

on September 27, CCTV3's golden hot program "open the door, great luck" parachuted into Wuhan audition. Conditions are unlimited. If you like singing and listening, you can come

do you want to go to CCTV? Here comes the chance

recently, CCTV joined hands to build Dongpeng ceramic tiles, the first brand of ceramics, and spent a lot of money to build the road of dreams. The recruitment rally for a new generation of superstars was officially announced. Dongpeng franchise store in 2000 has given its full support. From now on, it will accept the registration of everyone who has a dream, so that players can easily take the "green through train"

CCTV vs Dongpeng: strong forces work together to create a cross-border dream feast

after joining hands with Dongpeng to create the "golden 100 seconds" marketing last year, CCTV married Dongpeng again this year, targeting CCTV's popular educational program "open the door to good luck", and strong forces work together to carry out national sea election activities to create a grand dream feast

"open the door, great luck" is a new large-scale game puzzle program launched by CCTV. It is broadcast on CCTV-3 variety channel at 19:30 p.m. every Monday, hosted by Xiao Ni (nigmaiti). Listening to songs and guessing songs encourages ordinary people to realize their family dreams through efforts, and a program integrating entertainment and positive energy. Once launched, the program has been popular all over the country. Since its launch, the audience rating has been rising, and it has become the most popular puzzle game program in China in one step, ranking first in the national variety show

in order to add icing on the cake to the program and help more people realize their family dreams, CCTV is determined to land the stage nationwide and open the "door of dreams" to audiences across the country. The "old partner" held hands again, the cooperation sublimated again, and the intimacy instantly exploded. More than 2000 Dongpeng stores became the designated point for audition registration

the door of dreams is both an opportunity and a challenge

the audition for Wuhan's "open the door, great luck" is imminent. All those who have romantic, brave, or crazy family dreams, as long as they go to Dongpeng ceramic tile store to get and fill in the registration form, they will get a "ticket" to the other side of their dream, and they will be able to stand on the dance platform of CCTV and realize their good wishes for their families and friends

CCTV teamed up with Dongpeng, and Jiantao and entertainment collided with a cross-border spark. The cooperation between the two sides has been widely spread in the industry. It is reported that Dongpeng won the naming right of the open door lucky audition, and jointly launched audition registration with more than 2000 franchised stores at the terminal to create a "dream through train" for contestants. At the same time, on September 27, Dongpeng will also set up a stage for the contestants to "open the door for good luck" in Wuhan, and invite the director of the column group to select on site, so as to get close to every "family dream" from zero distance

there are no age, gender, or career restrictions on the entry of this "open the door" audition. As long as you have romantic, brave, or crazy family dreams, you should seize the opportunity to gather in Wuhan, mount the stage of 10000 people, and enjoy the enthusiasm of greater Wuhan

CCTV variety "brother" Xiaoni came to the scene in person

all the contestants who participated in the "open door lucky" registration will have the opportunity to show their talents on the Wuhan audition stage on September 27 and have an intimate dialogue with the director of the program group. Once attracted by the director, you can go on the CCTV stage, or show your talents, and become a star studded "big star" from now on, or open eight dream doors to win 30000 yuan family dream fund

at the same time, the author also learned from the relevant person in charge of Dongpeng ceramic tile that on the day of Wuhan audition, the new variety "first brother" of CCTV, Nigel Maiti, will personally visit the scene, step off the mysterious stage for the first time, and "contact at zero distance" with the contestants

in recent years, Xiao Ni, who plays the leading role in "open the door to good luck", has become the backbone of the new generation of CCTV hosts that cannot be ignored. In particular, since its broadcast, "open the door, great luck" has been widely pursued by audiences across the country, and its audience rating has soared, repeatedly breaking the ratings record of CCTV's variety program. Its highly personal characteristics, high recognition, versatile temperament and strong expressiveness have been widely praised, and the status of variety "brother" has become increasingly clear

in addition, there are "big stars" performing on the stage. The classic golden melody is sung in Jiangcheng, and an audio-visual feast is staged with passion

different stages, different lineups, different productions. On September 27, only for people with dreams, Wuhan is destined to be different because of dreams

dare to challenge yourself and chase your dreams bravely. This stage is prepared for people with dreams. Your dreams have already sprouted. Are you ready




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