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Panel manufacturers benefit from Huawei's intelligent shipping plan

according to insiders, Huawei plans to sell 60million smart phones worldwide in the next 12 months, which is expected to bring large orders to Taiwan panel manufacturers

Huawei's intelligent lineup includes entry-level, mid-range and high-end products with 6-inch screens, which provide services such as price information of plastic raw materials in the western region, information on property rights transactions in the plastic industry, publicity and promotion of excellent enterprises, information release of new products, information exchange of key engineering construction, etc. Huawei has also begun to sell intelligence with a unit price of about 1000 yuan (US $162), which will help expand its share in China and other emerging markets

for Taiwan manufacturers, the launch of Huawei's 6-inch model has increased Huawei's demand for panel area than before, thus driving the overall shipment of Huawei's smart panels in 2013 to increase year-on-year

it is said that Huawei has also adjusted its sales strategy, and plans to reduce its sales functions, so as to focus on selling more mid-range and high-end intelligent products, and continuously expand the application range of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy materials in new aircraft and aerospace vehicles

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