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Palm WebOS platform is lower than the market expectation, and smart sales are stagnant. On February 28, Beijing time, palm announced at the international consumer electronics show last year that the company would develop WebOS platform and Palm Pre to challenge Apple iPhone. However, from the current situation, the performance of WebOS platform is lower than the market expectation, and smart sales based on this platform have been stagnant

after palm issued the performance warning for the third fiscal quarter, the company's share price fell by 17%. Although users praised the new generation of palm, the sales situation of palm in the highly competitive smart market has been unsatisfactory

palm pre and palm Pixi smart were once known as potential killers of the "iPhone", and they were also highly praised by industry analysts. However, these two models have quality problems and short battery life. To a large extent, these compliments are actually aimed at the WebOS platform

palm then participated in the battle with apple, and tried to synchronize WebOS intelligence with Apple's iTunes for optical devices, super capacitors and other fields. If palm succeeds, it may become famous for its popular digital music resources. However, due to Apple's obstruction, the price we charged was 10 cents. The efforts of three palms to synchronize with each updated iTunes software failed. Sohu it

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