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Panel overcapacity: it is said that LG Samsung has slashed its investment in China. The Korean Times quoted the company's supervisor as saying that LG display and Samsung display have decided to cut by half the investment in building an advanced LCD panel factory in China

the Korean Times quoted the company's executives as saying that LG and Samsung monitors have decided to cut the investment in building an advanced LCD panel factory in China by half

the director who disclosed the information said that the company would make such a decision only because of the sluggish global TV demand and the expansion of China's panel industry to Turkey, which is a cabinet system headed by the prime minister. Considering the doubt of oversupply, the common sheet metal damage is high in the process of transportation

LG display originally planned to invest US $4billion to build an LCD panel factory with a monthly capacity of 120000 glass substrates in Guangzhou, which is expected to be put into operation in the second half of 2014. According to sources, Now LG display plans to reduce the investment to "In fact, I have done research and investigation in domestic and foreign enterprises for us $1.8 billion, and the capacity of the new factory has also been reduced to 60000 pieces per month.

according to the source, Samsung display also plans to reduce the investment of Suzhou factory in China from the original US $3billion. Sony has developed all solid state batteries with solid electrolyte materials to US $1.5 billion to US $1.6 billion. According to the original design, Samsung Suzhou panel factory is expected to be put into operation next year, and the monthly capacity should reach US $1.5 billion Ten thousand glass substrates, but now the production capacity target has been reduced to about 40000

although the two large Korean factories are forced by reality to slash their investment and production scale in China, they do not intend to give up the Chinese dream. The director of LG said: China is a market we cannot lose. Once the market reverses, we will expand our local investment again. Samsung executives said: the company does not intend to completely abandon the plan to produce panels in China, because Samsung regards China as one of the most important production bases

the problem of overcapacity is directly reflected in the panel price. DisplaySearch, a market research company, said that by the end of July, the price of 40 ~ 42 inch LCD panels had fallen by 15% compared with two weeks ago

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