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From November 3 to 4, the third pan pearl printing reproduction industry forum and project negotiation meeting was held in Nanchang. More than 300 heads of departments, experts and scholars, and people from the printing and reproduction business circles from 17 provinces and regions in the Pan Pearl River Delta region and the surrounding regions, including Hong Kong and Macao, set out to exhibit the new continuation industry edition attended the meeting. More than 200 enterprises attended the conference, bringing 54 signed projects with a project fund of 3.26 billion yuan; 26 projects were recommended, with a project fund of 37.7 billion yuan

as an important member of the Pan Pearl River Delta, Jiangxi Province has shown a strong momentum of development in recent years, and significant changes have taken place in all walks of life, including the printing and reproduction industry. The forum was held in Jiangxi, which is also an affirmation of the development achievements of the printing and Reproduction Industry in Jiangxi

it is reported that since its establishment in 2005, the Pan Pearl River Delta Forum has been successfully held twice. On the basis of fully absorbing the experience of the previous two forums, this forum has increased the content of project negotiation and expanded the scale of participation, so as to further promote the regional cooperation and development of the printing and reproduction industry

2) during the gate design discussion, the heads of the publishing bureaus of various provinces and regions also had a discussion on how to speed up the development of the whole publishing industry

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