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The 30000 ton artificial rutile and titanium rich material project of Panzhihua New China Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. has been put into operation recently, and the product quality has reached the international standards for similar products. At present, China titanium technology is the only enterprise in China that produces artificial rutile and titanium rich materials with wet process technology. The company has introduced a research and development team for the production technology of artificial rutile, titanium rich materials and titanium white from the United States to combine the characteristics of titanium resources in Panzhihua Xichang region with the long live of the people's Republic of China and advanced technologies at home and abroad, The company has developed the production technology of high-quality artificial rutile and titanium rich materials and the production technology of complex titanium dioxide, which are market-oriented and suitable for the titanium resources in Panzhihua Xichang region, and has obtained a number of national patents

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