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If your home has a small space, and you want to make good use of it, which can not only meet friends for entertainment, but also rest and read books, but also store many items, then peace room is probably the best choice. He Shi, originally refers to the bedroom in a Japanese style residence. However, with the popularity of personalized decoration, the term "he room" now usually refers to the general term of open space. It is a diversified functional design, which can be designed into tea drinking, audio-visual, guest room, leisure, study and other spaces according to the owner's needs, which also integrates Chinese and European styles. As long as there is a slightly higher space and a sliding door, folding door or roller shutter, which can achieve the effect of free opening and closing of the space, it can be called the harmony room. At the same time, because it is not limited by the size of the space, this kind of harmony decoration is favored by more and more families. The common shapes of he room decoration are simple and lively, mainly elegant, and should not be too complicated. The decorations, fabrics and furniture used should be in Japanese style, and use natural wood, masonry, grass rattan, cotton cloth, hemp and other raw materials. Of course, the style of Heshi can also be a little chic, but in principle, it cannot be divorced from the elegant nature of Heshi. A tatami, a short table, several cushions, a lattice door and window and a elegant Japanese paper lamp &hellip& hellip; The simple screen and simple tone can properly reflect the simplicity and implicity of he room style. It is reported that in recent years, the internationally popular Oriental Zen style has made the decoration of Heshi style popular. For ordinary families, the decoration style and furniture used in most spaces such as the living room, master bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are mainly modern style, while rooms or leisure halls are mostly in the style of harmony. So, what are the distinctive functions of Heshi, which has attracted more and more attention, that can not only create an indoor atmosphere, but also meet the ordinary use? One room with multiple uses: many people hope to design a leisure area at home or leave space for their hobbies when decorating. The most common is to use the harmony room to set up a tea room or audio-visual room. The wooden floor is used as the main floor material to make a platform for people to rest, the design of a group of low cabinets, simple and clear sliding doors and a soft carpet, plus a few casual pillows. The closed peace room is not only a very comfortable room, but also a casual leisure area. It is a good home theater, but also a bookstore and guest room. The cabin becomes larger: the room area of some families is limited, such as only six or seven square meters, and the lighting is not good. After it is designed as the harmony room, because the harmony room furniture does not develop upward like ordinary furniture, but an alternative thinking, and develops downward, the height of the field of vision is greatly reduced. In this way, the visual burden is reduced, the feeling space is widened, and the small space can also become larger, and the appearance of tatami elevator makes the space use to the extreme. Hexi furniture has simple and simple lines, thus getting rid of the limitations of space, and the room looks clean and tidy. For example, the designer can design the floor in the middle of the harmony room into a movable type, with an electric tatami elevator hidden inside, which will be raised when used. At ordinary times, the tatami elevator will be put away and placed under the floor. Storage of sundries: in the current decoration, the design of the harmony room usually adopts the wooden floor and raises the ground, so the lower part of the wooden floor becomes a very good storage place. At the wall of he room, you can collect many out of season bedding by means of flip cover. Drawers or small doors are set under the floor near the sliding door of the harmony room, and sundries such as slippers and tool boxes can be placed. And the ceiling of the room can also be used as a storage space to store items. If you take the harmony room as a studio, of course, there are all kinds of electrical circuits. You can use the appropriate baseboard to store and hide all kinds of circuits, so that the whole harmony room looks clean and refreshing. If your home has a small space, and you want to make good use of it, which can not only meet friends for entertainment, but also rest and read books, but also store many items, then peace room is probably the best choice




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