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In recent years, Nordic style has come into the attention of more people and began to shine. The simple, clean and pure white Nordic decoration style makes many people feel more distracted in the complex world. The pure color makes people more comfortable visually. The use of logs makes the interior more delicate and fresh. Today, the decoration editor will share with you several groups of Nordic style decoration renderings. Let's enjoy them

Nordic style renderings group I

a side pull shoe cabinet is planned by using the space under the beam, so that the space in the porch is not crowded, and the iron display cabinet is equipped on the side. Integrate all the style elements that the host likes, simple gray wall paint, combined with projection lights and chandeliers, the whole space is simple and unpretentious

Nordic style renderings group 2

the living room creates the image of a rural wooden house with solid wood strips, injecting a warm and simple flavor into northern Europe. In fact, the back of the empty volume of the gray mirror in the restaurant is the place where the refrigerator is placed, and the reflection principle is used to eliminate the bulkiness. The bedroom uses green to bring out colorful vitality, and the color jump deduces the personalized style of young people

Nordic style renderings group III

concise, direct, functional and close to nature. Retaining the original material of wood shows that people want to be close to nature and pay attention to environmental protection

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