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Many people hope to improve the existing spatial pattern in the room through decoration, so as to achieve a perfect effect. However, some decoration and renovation will greatly damage the safety of the room itself, and will also affect the safety of the whole building, so it is absolutely untouchable “ Minefield &rdquo

as the weather warms up, more and more decoration begins to enter the minefield 1 bearing wall. After the mobilization disclosure, it is time to dismantle and modify the walls and bury pipelines. In the process of demolishing and changing the wall, many owners often like to demolish the load-bearing wall without permission for the overall decoration effect of the house, which is a very undesirable practice. In general brick concrete structure buildings, all prefabricated slab walls are load-bearing walls, and they cannot be removed or opened. Brick walls over 24 cm are also load-bearing walls. Do not move the load-bearing wall during decoration, nor do you dig a large hole in it. Tip: removing the load-bearing wall, opening doors, windows and thinning the load-bearing wall not only directly destroys and weakens the bearing capacity of the load-bearing wall, but also destroys the integrity and seismic resistance of the house. It may also cause the loosening and cracking of adjacent walls, the decline of wall strength and bearing capacity, as well as the cracking of walls and floors, causing structural damage. In case of earthquake, such walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture. The residents or decorators of the gas pipeline in minefield 2 dismantle and modify the gas pipeline and seal the gas valve without permission, which is easy to cause gas leakage. When the gas pipeline is sealed, the gas leakage is not easy to be detected, and the leaked gas is not easy to diffuse and gather locally. Before use, there is no professional safety testing, and an open fire will inevitably cause an explosion. Tips: gas facilities have strict technical specifications and safety requirements in design and installation, and must be constructed by professionals. If residents really need to change the gas pipeline when decorating their rooms, they should apply to the gas supply unit, and the gas supply unit will conduct on-site survey and put forward opinions. If it can be changed, the gas supply unit will issue a construction scheme, which will be operated by professionals. The construction personnel should have professional qualifications. Minefield 3 balcony “ Counterweight wall ” Generally, there are doors and windows on the wall between the room and the balcony. These doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be removed, because this section of wall is “ Counterweight wall ”, It acts like a weight to provoke the balcony. Many owners believe that the counterweight wall has little effect, blocking the sunlight from entering the room and affecting the daylighting of the room. Therefore, it is often considered to dismantle the counterweight wall to form a wide pass at the balcony





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