Tips for decorators to purchase floor mats

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Generally speaking, for indoor floor mats, the main materials can be acrylic, cotton and microfiber. For outdoor floor mats, the materials should be mainly rubber flocking, coconut fiber and other synthetic fiber materials. Below, let's analyze the key points of choosing each room one by one:

1 doorway. The main purpose of using household floor mats here is to scrape sand, decontaminate and prevent dust from bringing into the room to cause pollution. Therefore, we should choose mats made of materials with good decontamination effect, wear resistance and easy cleaning, such as rubber, coconut fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, etc

2. Porch. Household floor mats here can protect the floor and reduce the wear on the ground. Therefore, you can choose the acrylic mat with soft texture and not easy to lose hair

3. restroom. A floor mat is placed in front of the wash basin and at the bathroom door, mainly to absorb water. Therefore, we should choose cotton or microfiber floor mats, especially microfiber materials. Consumers step on it directly after bathing, which not only absorbs water quickly, but also feels very comfortable

4. kitchen. The floor mat is used here to prevent water and oil in the kitchen from entering the living area. It is recommended to use cotton mat here. Because the cotton cushion has good water and oil absorption, and because it is made of natural materials, it is safer to use in the kitchen. In addition, polypropylene floor mats are mostly dark colors, which are not obvious after soiling, and cleaning is relatively simple. Polypropylene mat has another outstanding advantage, that is, the price is general, and its material is also non ultra-fine material, which is very durable. It is really the best choice to use polypropylene floor mats in such a dirty environment as the kitchen

5. bedroom. Now many people like to put a household floor mat beside the bed, so that they can get off the bed barefoot without catching cold. Although there are many bedside mattresses made of materials on the market, Daren suggests that you use cotton or microfiber floor mats in your bedroom. These two kinds of floor mats are safe and pollution-free, completely eliminate the trouble of static electricity, and have a comfortable texture, which is very suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms

6. Balcony and staircase entrance. The floor mat mainly plays an anti-skid role in these two places, and the floor mat made of acrylic fiber and anti-skid mat can be selected

Xiaobian reminder: try to avoid buying monochrome floor mats, because dirt falling on the floor mats will appear very prominent and affect the appearance





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